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Sr Prudence Allen
  St John Vianney
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Vernon E Kooy
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  Moorpark College
Is There a Single Morality?

Festschrift to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of

Fr Eleutherius Winance, OSB - circa 1974

Fr. Eleutherius Winance, OSB
10 July 1909 - 15 August 2009
(Picture - 1974)


The contents of this page are essays by former students of

Fr. Eleuthere Winance OSB

of  St. Andrew's Priori in Valyermo, California and Claremont Graduate University, a beloved teacher and friend, on the occasion of the centennial of his birth. Over the years his associates and former students have embarked on a wide variety of careers and intellectual interests, testaments to the rigor and depth of his thought and the diversity of his teaching.

While to his colleagues he is an endearing associate and friend, to his former students he was and remains mentor and inspiration.  He was always willing to share with us his research and future projects, and always willing to point out the direction we were free to investigate.  Whenever perchance we students were hesitant to comment in his seminar, he would in a frank manner encourage by asserting the meaning of his name, "You are free…".

Faithful to the Rule of St. Benedict, he was hospitable to us all.  He was not only hospitable in inviting us to his monastic home at Valyermo, but also hospitable in and with the gifts of the spirit.   He was and continues to be obedient to the new commandment of his Lord to love one another.  He continues to be humble, yet liberal in extending that love to us, and with these essays, we humbly hereby return the same to him.

  Vernon Eugene Kooy
Hastings, Nebraska


Biography of Fr Eleuthere
Bibliography of Fr Eleuthere
St Andrew's Priory - Valyermo
Claremont Graduate University-Philosophy
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