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Welcome to the site Philonoeses.

Philonoeses is the name I have given to what I find interesting and comes from the Greek words Philos - love and Noesis - thinking, and refers to a love of thinking. 

My thoughts are Philosophy, Philology, Philo-Hellenic, and Philanthropic.

Since I think of various things, or should I say think on several different subjects, like most of us, Philonoeses is plural. 

This site is currently under construction.

Currently I invite you to explore the many papers which make up a Festschrift for Fr. Eleutherius Winance.

I also invite you to look at the Greek page with several Greek fonts, links, and essays.

It is hoped that this site become a scholarly center, more than a blog and more than a mere personal page. I hope to also include essays and thoughts of others; so if you have any suggestions and ideas, feel free to contact me.

Vernon Eugene Kooy
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